Eternal, Butterrum
Eternal, Butterrum

Eternal, Butterrum

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“Eternal” 以「雅緻」為設計理念,著重流麗的線條修飾,務求展現女士優美的腳型。我們相信每個女生都至少要擁有一雙簡約舒適、永不過時又能展現女性美的高跟鞋,“Eternal” 由此誕生。產品的鞋楦根據亞洲女生的腳型特別研製,配上6 cm 精緻幼跟,修飾雙腿線條,使雙腿看上去更加纖細修長。
With elegance in the heart of the Collection,“Eternal” features a streamlined silhouette for the greatest comfort and style. We believe that every lady deserves at least a pair of simple, comfortable yet timeless heels, and this is how “Eternal” came to life. In addition to the classic calfskin line, we also developed a cashmere leather line that would add charm to your everyday wear. The shoe last was specially developed according to Asian ladies’ foot shape, along with the perfect lining, the 6.5 cm stilettos for sure sketch a pair of long slender legs.

Colour: Butterrum
Upper: Lamb Suede
Interior: Hog skin
Insole: Lamb skin
Outsole: Slip resistant gum-rubber
Heel height: 65 mm